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Comprehensive guide to the toy and game gift vouchers and gift certificates offered by major UK retailers.

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Anara Toys
Educational toys, baby gifts, newborn gifts, wooden toys and more, for children from babies and infants upwards.
Delivered by: post
Denominations: £5.00, £10.00, £20.00, £50.00
Early Learning Centre
Specialist in toys for children ages 0-4.
Delivered by: post
Denominations: £10.00, £25.00, £50.00
Notes: Gift cards can only be redeemed in-store and by phone. ELC will donate 1% of the value of each gift card purchased to the NSPCC and CHILDREN 1st charities.
Everything Dinosaur
Dinosaur and prehistoric animal related toys, games, puzzles, models, posters and merchandise.
Delivered by: post
Denominations: £5.00, £10.00, £20.00, £25.00, £35.00
Games Workshop
Specialist retailer of roleplaying and tabletop games, such as Warhammer and Lord of the Rings.
Delivered by: post
Denominations: £5.00, £10.00, £20.00
Notes: Vouchers are usable by mail order or through Games Workshop retail stores.
London's famous toy shop (also other locations).
Delivered by: email 
Denominations: Whole pound amounts between £1.00 and £100.00
Notes: Hamleys vouchers can be used in-store, but not online.
Holz Toys
Quality wooden toys, organic comforters, natural arts and crafts materials and metal construction kits.
Delivered by: post
Denominations: £5.00, £10.00, £20.00, £50.00
Notes: Can be used for catalogue shopping, or online.
Jigsaw Gallery
Jigsaw puzzles from around the world, games, puzzles and brainteasers.
Delivered by: email 
Denominations: £1.00, £5.00, £10.00, £20.00
Notes: Enter "voucher" in the Jigsaw Gallery search box (top right of site) to see all their gift vouchers.
Chess sets, backgammon sets, games compendiums, traditional toys and games, croquet sets and jigsaw puzzles.
Delivered by: email 
Denominations: £5.00, £10.00, £15.00, £20.00, £25.00, £50.00
Little Bundles
Traditional wooden toys and games for children.
Delivered by: email 
Denominations: £1.00, £5.00, £10.00, £15.00, £20.00, £25.00
My Monopoly
Completely custom edition of the classic Monopoly game. You can rename all the properties, and personalise the board, title deed and rules.
Delivered by: email 
Denominations: Not a monetary-equivalent voucher
Notes: Gift voucher entitles the recipient to design their own Monopoly game set.
Popcorn Live
Film and anime tie-in toys, action figures and music merchandise.
Delivered by: email 
Denominations: £5.00, £10.00, £15.00, £20.00
Puppets for Education
Specialist puppet retailer, selling animal, character and finger puppets.
Delivered by: post
Denominations: £5.00, £10.00, £20.00, £50.00 (£100 maximum per order)
Sovereign Playground Equipment
Outdoor playground equipment, including equipment for schools and council-run facilities, and home and garden equipment such as adventure towers, garden furniture and other items.
Delivered by: email post
Denominations: From £25.00 to £500.00 in £25.00 amounts
Strawberry Children's Toys
Educational wooden toys and traditional wooden toys for babies and children under 5.
Delivered by: email post
Denominations: £10.00, £20.00
The Dolly Lodge
Specialist dolls' house furniture and furnishings, teddy bears.
Delivered by: email post
Denominations: £5.00, £5.00, £10.00, £20.00, £100.00
Notes: Choice of email or postal vouchers.
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