Books, Magazines and Newspapers - gift certificates

Comprehensive guide to book token issuers, and to magazine and newspaper-related gift voucher and gift certificate options offered by UK retailers.

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While Amazon now carries everything from music to software, jewellery and shoes, their roots are firmly in the book world, hence their well-deserved mention here...
Delivered by: email post
Denominations: Any amount (to the nearest penny) between £5.00 and £500.00
Notes: You can choose from email or paper gift certificates, and you can email gift certificates to multiple email addresses at once.
Delivered by: post
Denominations: £5.00, £10.00, £20.00, £25.00
Bob Books
Bespoke hardback books and calendars made from customer-supplied digital photos and text. Various book sizes/formats available.
Delivered by: post
Denominations: £30.00 to £150.00 in £10.00 increments
Country Bookshop
Carries a wide range of used and new books, plus bargain music, dvds and videos.
Delivered by: post
Denominations: £5.00, £10.00, £20.00
Forest Books
Books, videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs and software about sign language and deaf issues.
Delivered by: post
Denominations: £5.00, £10.00, £20.00
Grove Books
Specialist Christian bookshop, publishing several series of quarterly Christian living and ministry titles.
Delivered by: email 
Denominations: Amounts (to the penny) between £2.95 and £1,000.00
Wide range of magazines and trade publications available for subscription.
Delivered by: email 
Denominations: Not monetary equivalent vouchers
Notes: The iCARD you can send to the recipient of the gift subscription will provide them with details of which magazine you have selected for them.
My Kids Books
Personalised children's books and products, suitable for ages 0-4.
Delivered by: post
Denominations: Not cash equivalent vouchers
Notes: Gift vouchers are available for personalised ABC hard cover and soft cover books, and for flip cards. Vouchers include product postage and packing charges.
National Book Tokens
Official site for the National Book Token scheme, offering gift vouchers valid in all major booksellers and independent bookshops in the UK and Ireland.
Delivered by: post
Denominations: £1.00, £5.00, £10.00, £25.00 (Euro denominations also available)
Notes: Premium gift box with bookmark available as an option.
Persephone Books
Publisher of "neglected fiction and non-fiction by women, for women and about women".
Delivered by: post
Denominations: £12.00, £27.00
Notes: Each book token is valid for either one or three books, and includes book postage costs. Along with their token, the recipient will also be sent a book catalogue to help them choose.
Transport Diversions Emporium
Carries a wide range of specialist transport publications.
Delivered by: email 
Denominations: £10.00 and up
Unique Magazines
Subscription packages for hundreds of top UK magazines in all genres.
Delivered by: email 
Denominations: £5.00, £10.00, £15.00, £20.00, £25.00, £30.00, £40.00, £50.00, £100.00
Veloce Publishing
Specialist publisher of automotive books.
Delivered by: email 
Denominations: £5.00 to £50.00 in £5.00 increments; £75.00, £100.00
Notes: For some reason the vouchers are mixed in with the offers in their "Special Offers" category, but if you browse the whole category, you'll find the various voucher denominations.
WH Smith
Delivered by: post
Denominations: £5.00, £10.00, £25.00
Notes: Vouchers must be spent at WH Smith highstreet stores - they cannot be used online.
WH Smith eBooks
Wide range of books in electronic format for instant delivery online.
Delivered by: email 
Denominations: Any amount (to the nearest penny) between £5.00 and £100.00
Notes: Vouchers can only be spent on digital products, not on physical products such as books, CDs etc. They cannot be spent at physical stores. Vouchers can be ordered for dispatch at a future date.
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